Marketing For Hospitality & Tourism

Marketing For Hospitality & Tourism

Program Location :         Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford
Program Type :

36 hours/ 4.2 weeks program

Method of Delivery :In-Class, Online and Blended Mode

The aim of this certificate course is to give students a learning of the basic concepts and theories that underpin marketing practices in the hospitality and tourism industry. The module familiarizes the basic marketing concepts including the concept of market segmentation. Upon completion, the students develop an understanding of consumer behaviors including consumer decision-making processes. It examines the role of marketing applications such as the marketing mix, marketing planning, marketing communications, marketing ethics, and the role of e-marketing within the context of tourism and hospitality industries.

Learning Objectives:

LO1-Demonstrate an understanding of basic marketing concepts and their application in the hospitality, tourism and events industries. 

LO2-Analyse the significance of consumer orientation and develop an appreciation of consumer behavior. 

LO3-Examine the role of marketing communication tools in the hospitality and tourism industry. 

LO4-Examine the concepts, methods and applications of market segmentation, targeting and positioning.

LO5-Understand the marketing planning process and the links between each stage of the process 

LO6-Analyse the applications of marketing ethics with specific applications in the tourism, and hospitality industries. 

LO7-Examine the nature and role of digital marketing applications.

Teaching Methods:

Student learning will be through a combination of staff contact hours with the lecturer in the classroom, intended learning hours, and self-managed study. The staff contact hours will involve a range of learning approaches including group exercises, workshops, guided individual activities and lecturer presentations.

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity

  • Ielts 4.0
  • Clerical, office, coordination work experience with a computer knowledge irrespective of any industry of six months or more.