Certificate in Food & Beverage Service Management​

Certificate in Food & Beverage Service Management

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Program Location :         Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford
Program Type :Part-Time | 4.2 Weeks (36 Hours)
Method of Delivery :In-Class, Online and Blended Mode

This module equips students with knowledge and skills to plan and successfully manage different types of food and beverage operations, including coffee shops, a la carte restaurants, dining rooms, room service, banquets, on-site food service venues, and more. Students gain management know-how, planning skills, and hands-on techniques for consistently delivering quality service in every type of food and beverage operation. Students will develop critical thinking through the case studies given by industry experts and become problem solvers to handle any kind of situation. 

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to perform F&B department individual tasks and procedures under supervision. Explain components of menu planning and design. Describe the basic elements of facility design. Understand and apply the knowledge gained to provide the guest with Service from a Food & Beverage perspective under supervision. Identify the operating equipment required for the Service to be fulfilled with limited supervision. Understand the fundamental of Food & Beverage operations, management and marketing. Understand the fundamentals of financial management in food and beverage management.

Teaching Methods:

In this module, student learning will be through a combination of staff contact hours/practical with the lecturer in the classroom / F&B Outlets, and independent learning hours. Staff contact hours will involve a range of learning and teaching approaches, such as: group exercises, guided individual exercises, application of practical under supervision with feedback, lectures, as well as student presentations/assignments and guest lectures on specified topics.

10 years of schooling or equivalent or age of 17 or above

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity