Design, Operations, & Management of Building Systems

Design, Operations, & Management of Building Systems

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Program Location :          Vancouver, Surrey and Abbotsford
Program Type :

36 hours/ 16 weeks program

Method of Delivery : In-Class, Online and Blended Mode

This course is designed to impart knowledge to property and facility managers which they will implement in the ongoing operation and maintenance of building systems and to enhance building productivity and cost-effectiveness. This certificate provides information about building design and construction, project delivery, construction materials, and HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning) systems. This course also covers the topics of roofing systems, ceilings, floorings, interior walls, and plumbing systems.

Learning Objectives:

•Maintaining building systems efficiently and cost-effectively

•Using structural components and building materials

•Understanding of HVAC and plumbing systems 

•Working knowledge of how a structure function

Teaching Methods:

Student learning will be through a combination of staff contact hours with the lecturer in the classroom, intended learning hours, and self-managed study. The staff contact hours will involve a range of learning approaches including group exercises, workshops, guided individual activities and lecturer presentations.

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity

The OIC Spirit Lives Through Perpetuity

  • Ielts 4.0
  • Janitorial, House Keeping, Property Management, Cleaning Contract Management or Service Supervision work experience with a computer knowledge of six months or more.