COVID 19 Safety Plan

COVID 19 Safety Plan

Oscar International College has placed the COVID safety plan for staff members, students, and visitors. In March 2020, the globe has shifted into a worldwide pandemic. To ensure the protection, Oscar International College (OIC) initiated a get-up-and-go that delivers an opportunity to domestic and international students from outside Canada to carry on with their academic coursework in a digital structure to avoid the spread of COVID because student well-being is crucial for us. 

Oscar International College provides professional education in the leading skills which the students need to adapt to their workplace and build a better career with the best paying jobs. Our quality education, creativity, and innovation have led us to forge a new path that meets our students’ upcoming needs, community, and country. 

During the first phase of COVID-19, we were facing many challenges as we worked hard to transition from in-person classes to online format smoothly for our entire Oscar family. We shift our courses to instructor-led digital format within 2-3 business days. Thanks to all the staff members, instructors, and the students for this transition and precautions to avoid COVID-19 spread; added Parvinder Kalra – President at Oscar International College.   

Our College has worked very hard to maintain social distancing and taken all the necessary precautions to avoid the COVID-19 speed. All the necessary safeguards have been put in operations, and each family member of Oscar International College must follow these precautions.  

These precautions include: 

  • Online learning opportunities for domestic students and international students with a valid study permit to avoid COVID spread.
  • Putting all the cleaning tools like soaps, sanitizers on all our campuses to increase protection and safety.
  • Guide our front desk staff to monitor who is visiting the campus. Masks are available on all our campuses to protect the entire Oscar family and visitors as well.
  • Creating an “OIC COVID-19 Safety-Plan.”
  • Providing accurate and transparent COVID-19 info to all the students and the staff members.

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